Hurricane season affects millions of Americans and threatens coastal communities every year. Wind damage and flooding can leave residents without housing, power and basic necessities in the aftermath of these storms. Coca-Cola UNITED’s Montgomery facility has dedicated time and resources to donating bottled water to those in the Southeast who have been impacted by hurricanes since 2017. 

The warehouse in Montgomery, Ala., named this operation “Water World” and has designated one-third of its warehouse to the cause.

“What we do on a daily basis…we usually ship out 100,000 cases [of bottled water],” said Mike Taylor, warehouse logistics manager. “We fill all the [Coca-Cola] UNITED facilities in the Southeast, there’s 68 warehouses total…what we do is prepare for hurricane season.”

Taylor explained that early in the year, efforts are focused on filling warehouses across their region with cases of water solely for times of need, so they can be readily deployed.

“I think the most exciting part is trying to get as much water out there to everybody as possible,” said Vernard Smith, warehouse lead and “Water World Mayor.”

Because of their love for their community and the desire to support their neighbors in times of need, Water World produces and donates 36 million cases of water a year. 

“We stay true to that commitment to the community because it’s that community of customers that supports us and keeps us in business,” said Steve Tucker, division warehouse manager. “That commitment is strong, and every opportunity that Coca-Cola UNITED gets to demonstrate that to give back to the community, that’s what we do.” 

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