Protecting Consumer Choice

More than 40 discriminatory taxes on our products have been proposed and rejected. The fact is taxes won’t make people healthier, just poorer. It’s why we are working with national and local public health organizations on comprehensive efforts to reduce sugar consumption in communities where it’s most needed.

Our mission is to spread awareness about regulations that would limit consumer choice, and provide Americans with more information about the choices they make every day, allowing them to lead balanced lifestyles.

We may disagree with some in the public health community on discriminatory taxes, but we agree that we must work on comprehensive solutions to public health challenges. 

Instead of going to the healthiest cities to propose a tax, we’re going to communities with the highest rates of obesity in the country working hand-in-hand with community leaders and public health groups to cut sugar consumption. 

Again, we are doing the hard work – in partnership with others - to truly bring about lasting change in the communities facing the toughest challenges. 

We recognize we have a role to play in helping address complex health challenges. America’s beverage companies are engaged in public health issues because we, too, want a strong healthy America. That’s why we’re taking actions with public health groups to change the beverage landscape across the country, including in communities most in need. We believe this comprehensive, unified approach is the better investment of energy and resources for our society.


Americans for Food and Beverage Choice

Your Cart Your Choice

Join our national coalition for food and beverage choice and learn more about why comprehensive solutions are needed to address obesity, not taxes and regulations.

Creating Sustainable Solutions

It is important to our industry to continue to lead on environmental sustainability, it's good for our planet and our business.