ABA Staff

President & CEO

Kevin W. Keane

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Robb Micek

General Counsel / Executive Vice President, Legal & Regulatory Affairs

Amy E. Hancock

Executive Vice President, Government & Public Affairs

Ryan Guthrie

Senior Vice President, External Affairs

Amy Brink

Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel

Sean Krispinsky

Senior Vice President, Public Affairs

Merideth Potter

Vice President, Sustainability

Megan Daum

Vice President, Federal Government Relations

Franklin Davis

Vice President, Media & Public Affairs

William Dermody Jr.

Vice President, Strategic Advocacy & Initiatives

Roberta Elias


Barbara Ferreira

Vice President, Finance & Administration

Marie Franco

Vice President, State Government Affairs - East

Sandra Grance

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Communications

Tracey A. Halliday

Vice President, Head of Federal Affairs

Barbara Hiden

Chief Science & Regulatory Officer

Maia M. Jack

Vice President, Global Affairs & Executive Director, ICBA

Kate Loatman

Vice President, Head of State & Local Affairs

Bill McManus

Vice President, California

Rick Rivas

Vice President, Finance & Accounting

Dave Scallion

Vice President, State Government Affairs - West

David Thorp

Senior Director, State Government Affairs

Alexandra Keane

Senior Director, Membership/IT

Melanie Ocampos-Barry

Senior Contracts & Compliance Attorney

Stacey L. Pine

Senior Director, Global Regulatory Affairs

Elizabeth Yepes

Director, Public Affairs

Annie Adair

Director, Graphic Arts & Production

Venus Adkins-Valladares

Director, Meetings & Events

Trudi Moore

Director, Communications

Charmaine Riley

Director, Global Affairs

Simone Soo Hoo

Director, Communications

Joshua Whitehead

Senior Manager, Science, Regulatory & Industry Affairs

Charmi Cabral

Manager, Federal Affairs & PAC

Artem Alekseev

Manager, Sustainability

Jessica Beal

Manager, Finance & Administration

Carrie Kupferschmidt

Manager, Government Affairs

Mikayla Moreau

Manager, Accounting

Andrei Valerio

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

Leah Bebee

Executive Assistant, Legal & Regulatory Affairs

Grace Connolly

Mailroom Coordinator & AV Technician

Ja' Franklin

Government & Public Affairs Assistant

Travis Lake

Government & Public Affairs Assistant

Aaron Ostroff

Office & Transportation Assistant

Sam Pinner