We are America's Beverage Companies

We make American products, with American workers, in America's hometowns.

More Choices, Less Sugar

We're delivering more beverage choices with less sugar. In fact today, nearly 60% of beverages sold have zero sugar.

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Every Bottle Back

We're designing our plastic bottles to be 100% recyclable - including the caps. And we want every bottle back so they can be turned into new bottles and not end up in the environment.

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Supporting Our Communities

In providing more than 270,000 jobs and a direct economic impact of nearly $245 billion, the American beverage industry is a vital part of the economy. We proudly support local communities through education, jobs, tax revenue and charitable contributions.

Education & Resources

We Created & Implemented National School Beverage Guidelines

We promised America's parents that we would change the beverage mix in schools, and our companies - along with their school partners delivered dramatic and significant results.

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A Case For Membership

Companies that belong to the American Beverage Association make and sell some of the world's most popular and innovative non-alcoholic beverages.

You might say that our members quench America's thirst.

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Current Initiatives

Balanced Living

A balanced lifestyle is about the choices people make every day regarding what they eat, drink and do. We want people to make informed decisions about the beverages they consume.

Sustainable Solutions

Changing how business is done, in ways that sustain our planet isn't just something we say, it's what we do. We take environmental stewardship seriously.

Consumer Choice & Freedom

Some believe that food and beverage taxes will make us thinner, fitter and healthier - but there is another side to this story.