This April, Nackard Pepsi team members in Flagstaff, Ariz., spent a day packing more than 200 boxes of groceries at Coconino County’s Flagstaff Family Food Center to serve local families in need. Northern Arizona has a high rate of food insecurity and so Nackard Pepsi employees filled each box with a week’s worth of fresh produce, snacks, sandwiches and beverages. 

The bottling company is located right down the street from the Flagstaff Family Food Center, and its employees have a strong desire to give back to their neighbors. They regularly provide donations to the Food Center, but they also show up to volunteer their time on the ground. 

“When I'm out there volunteering and I look around at my coworkers, it makes me feel proud. Proud to be part of a company that allows us to do this,” said Christina Smith, Nackard Pepsi’s marketing manager. 

One in five residents in Coconino County face food insecurity. Through volunteerism and donations, Nackard Pepsi helps the center fulfill their mission of “Neighbors Feeding Neighbors,” and the face-to-face volunteer work allows for personal connections with those in need. In 2022 alone, the Food Center distributed 6.7 million pounds of food.

“Long-term partners like Nackard Pepsi are vital to our mission because it allows us to build a foundation and to feed more people,” said Summer Grandy, volunteer manager at Flagstaff Family Food Center. 

Watch the video here to learn more about the efforts America’s beverage companies are taking to give back.