American Beverage Statement on the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act

Posted Mar. 25, 2021

American Beverage issued the following statement on the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act:


“We share Sen. Merkley’s and Rep. Lowenthal’s goal for an effective producer responsibility system that can help achieve a circular economy and reduce plastic waste. A well-constructed producer responsibility system, funded and operated by producers to meet clear standards, provides the opportunity to create an effective and efficient collection program for all recyclable materials used for consumer goods. A successful system must deliver strong environmental outcomes, convenient service to consumers, a financially sustainable model, access for producers to recovered materials for closed-loop recycling and meaningful recycling opportunities in underserved communities. 


“While there are many details still to be worked out, we look forward to continuing to work with Sen. Merkley and Rep. Lowenthal on their proposed legislation and thank them for their leadership on this important issue."