The non-alcoholic beverage industry is solutions-oriented, always willing to take bold actions that make a real difference. We welcome the members of President Biden’s cabinet as they tackle the nation’s pressing issues and we look forward to opportunities where we can work together.

America’s leading beverage companies provide good-paying jobs with much-needed benefits to American workers. We also offer opportunities for growth and advancement. Our more than 227,000 workers help generate a direct economic impact of $169.7 billion. Our companies are always seeking new, innovative ways to support our workers and spur job growth. We look forward to working with the Secretary of Labor and Secretary of Transportation to ensure our businesses can effectively deliver for our customers and consumers in communities everywhere.

Like the new administration, we also want a strong and healthy America and we know health inequities are an issue in our country. The beverage industry has taken a leadership role helping support families on their efforts to reduce sugar in their diet. We have been innovating with our products lines, creating more  no- and lower-calorie beverage choices. Today,  55% of all beverages purchased are zero sugar. We're also offering smaller packaging sizes, like mini-cans, in many of our longtime brands. We're placing prominent calorie counts on the front of all of our bottles and cans so people can easily see them and we're putting calorie reminders on 3 million fountains, vending machines and coolers nationwide. We’re excited to work with officials at the departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture on programs that support Americans in their efforts to find balance.

Plastic waste is another issue where we hope to work with the administration. We’re eager to work with the Environmental Protection Agency administrator, Secretary of the Department of Energy and others to reduce our impact on the environment. That is why we have joined with environmental leaders World Wildlife Fund, The Recycling Partnership and Closed Loop Partners to invest in improvements to collection systems in key areas of the country. The industry has leveraged a $400 million fund to increase the amount of our 100% recyclable plastic bottles that are collected so they can be remade into new ones. The Every Bottle Back initiative will get us closer to the circular economy we all want for recyclables and will decrease our industry’s plastic footprint. 

America is better off when industry and government work together on our very real issues. We’re excited to find opportunities to do just that with the Biden administration.