Last month, PepsiCo team members held their inaugural PepsiCo Positive (Pep+) Day of Service and Earth Day Celebration in Los Angeles, Calif.  

More than 70 employees of Pepsi Beverages North America SoCal and PepsiCo Foods North America joined with partners California Climate Action Corps and City Plants on Earth Day. Together, they planted more than 100 trees and plants in South Los Angeles, an area heavily impacted by high levels of carbon emissions and low canopy green areas.  

In addition to volunteer efforts, PepsiCo provided $10,000 in grants to support the collective goal of California Climate Action Corps and City Plants of planting and caring for 90,000 trees across the state. 

“I have lived in this community for over 30 years, and I am grateful for PepsiCo’s support of South Los Angeles on Earth Day with planting trees as they help reduce poor air quality that we’ve had to deal with for many years. This was a great success,” said local resident Mirna Quinteros. 

Caring for our Earth is a top priority for the beverage industry – and the passion to do more reaches all the way to the individual employee level. This inaugural event is one of the many ways our industry is giving back and supporting the communities in which they live and work.