April is Earth Month – a time to appreciate the beauty of nature and acknowledge the collective responsibility to protect our planet. One way Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP) is doing that is through its Native Pollinator Program, which aims to save bees from pesticides used for farming and improve pollinator habitats. 

You may be thinking, how does KDP – a beverage company – connect with farmers or bees? In fact, KDP directly buys from farmers. One specific KDP brand that heavily relies on farmers is Mott’s, which is known for its apple juice and applesauce.

The Native Pollinator Program works like this: Orchard growers participating in the program receive support from non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders. In return, they commit to adjusting their pesticide use to minimize harm to native bee populations and conduct regular bee abundance surveys.

“We worked hard to develop [the Native Pollinator Program] with grower needs in mind,” said Whitney Kakos, director of supply chain sustainability for KDP. “It’s a win for businesses and a win for growers.”

The program has successfully completed its first year with 15 of Mott’s growers in western New York, and KDP plans to expand it further. In its second year, the program will focus on addressing habitat and nesting-site-quality needs for enrolled orchard blocks.