A friendly public service from Sip & Savor to all the procrastinators with a FINAL reminder that tomorrow is Valentine's Day. So get out there and get what you need to make that someone special feel special. (The cards are really getting picked through at this point.)

And if you want to do something a bit different from the traditional flowers, candy, card, dinner...we recommend gift-wrapping your significant other's favorite beverage (non-alcoholic, we're talking here.) There are some great novelty and flavored sodas made by our companies. There are also some fancy waters, new sports drinks, and even energy drinks to help keep your special Valentine's date dancing with you as long as you want.

Our products are easy to find - just check out your local grocery store, specialty foods store or Wal-Mart/Target type store. You'll find all kinds of beverage treats.

A pretty good idea, especially if you've waited too long and the traditional sweets are all gone by now and a dinner reservation is nowhere to be had.

Have a fun and special Valentine's Day, no matter how you celebrate it.