2020 marked an extremely challenging year for so many Americans. During tough times, neighbors stepped up to support one another and proved that our nation is truly a resilient one. Throughout it all, our industry worked tirelessly to produce, distribute and stock store shelves with essential goods. These employees and companies kept working while also supporting their communities and other frontline workers with medical supplies, financial donations, encouragement and more.

Our industry remains committed to taking care of our neighbors and supporting healthy, sustainable and economically strong communities. 

Meanwhile, we celebrated the first full year of our Every Bottle Back initiative, where we committed funding to 11 community recycling projects to increase the collection of our 100% recyclable bottles. We also made significant progress in our goal to reduce sugar in the American diet.  In fact, the latest analysis showed the largest single-year reduction in calories consumed from our beverages since launching our Balance Calories Initiative.  

As an industry that provides more than 227,000 family-supporting jobs across the country, our ongoing commitment to creating real, lasting change in our communities is as important as ever. 


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