Truck drivers across the country deliver critical goods and resources needed to keep our communities going. That’s why, as part of Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we’re celebrating the thousands of hard-working men and women who go above and beyond to keep shelves across America stocked with everyday items, like our beverages.

The impact of our truck drivers can be felt in every corner of our community.  Unlike other drivers, our drivers go into the aisles themselves to stock your beverages. So whether it’s a popular chain, your local grocery store or favorite corner bodega, our drivers are always there to serve America’s families and businesses.

They are #HereForYou and our communities no matter what.  They worked tirelessly during the critical points of the pandemic. They delivered water and supplies to communities hit by natural disasters, like recently when Hurricane Ida hit the Gulf Coast.

So today we’d like to thank those drivers for stocking our shelves and keeping our communities going. Our hometowns would not be the same without them.