An annual report by researchers who study the economic and job contributions of the food and agriculture sectors, including the beverage industry, released their 2022 report. The 2022 Feeding the Economy report found that these industries make up around one-fifth of the country’s economic activity. Together, they directly support nearly 21.5 million jobs, create $7 trillion in economic output, support an overall 43 million jobs, and pay more than $2 trillion in wages and nearly $720 billion in taxes. 

America’s leading beverage companies are proud to employ more than 265,000 men and women who work hard every day to bring to market a diverse array of beverage choices for consumers.

ABA’s chief executive and president Katherine Lugar states, “Together, we bring consumers the safe, nutritious, affordable foods and beverages they want in every city and town across the United States, supporting both the local economies where we live and work and the nation we feed and fortify.”

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