Health & Nutrition Advisors

The American Beverage Association works with a small group of nutritionists and registered dietitians. These consultants engage completely at their own discretion, in their preferred manner and with their own voice. Importantly, they follow stringent standards for transparency.

 The American Beverage Association has worked closely for many years with a registered dietitian who may provide nutrition expertise, review the scientific literature pertaining to our industry and its products and ingredients, give testimony in legislative and regulatory hearings, participate in meetings with elected officials, represent ABA in meetings with organizations and/or at healthcare professional meetings, act as a media spokesperson and/or engage in public discourse relevant to the non-alcoholic beverage industry. Whenever representing ABA, this registered dietitian is transparent about her role as an ABA/industry consultant.

The aggregate amount of compensation paid to the following consultant in 2017 was $60,000:

Lisa Katic, RD, CSW; Principal, K Consulting