Beverage Calories Initiative

In 2014, America's leading beverage companies joined forces in a landmark agreement to decrease beverage calories in the American diet by 20 percent per person by 2025. ABA and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation retained Keybridge as an independent evaluator to monitor and measure the progress over time. Below are each of the progress reports to date.

Learn more about how each of America's leading beverage companies are taking significant action to work towards this goal: 

The Coca-Cola Company

Keurig Dr Pepper



Progress Reports and Methodology

2019 National Progress Report

2019 Community Progress Report

2019 Progress Report Detailed Methodology

2018 National Progress Report

2018 Community Progress Report

2018 Progress Report Detailed Methodology

2017 National Progress Report

2017 Community Progress Report

2017 Progress Report Detailed Methodology

2016 Progress Report

2016 Progress Report Detailed Methodology

2015 Inaugural Progress Report

Communities Initiative Reports - 2014 Baseline & 2015 Progress

2014 Baseline Report

Communities Initiative Detailed Methodology