Statement by American Beverage on the World Health Organization Conclusion on the Safety of Aspartame

Posted Jul. 13, 2023

WASHINGTON – The following statement is on behalf of Kevin Keane, Interim President and CEO of American Beverage, in response to the World Health Organization Review of Aspartame:

“Aspartame is safe. After a rigorous review, the World Health Organization finds aspartame is safe and ‘no sufficient reason to change the previously established acceptable daily intake.’ This strong conclusion reinforces the position of the FDA and food safety agencies from more than 90 countries. People all around the world can be confident in consuming food and beverages with aspartame.

“The safety of our products is the highest priority for our industry. The purpose and expertise of food safety agencies is to ensure safety over time. The WHO has done this again, rigorously and definitively, with aspartame. 

“With more than 40 years of science and this definitive conclusion from the WHO, consumers can move forward with confidence that aspartame is a safe choice, especially for people looking to reduce sugar and calories in their diets.”