According to Mental Health America, Georgia ranks last in the nation in access to mental health services. This leaves many families in the Peach State, especially those with children and adolescents, without needed services to treat loved ones' mental and behavioral conditions.

That's why The Coca-Cola Foundation granted $5 million to help Children's Healthcare of Atlanta lead a community effort to positively impact mental health care access and outcomes for Georgia children and adolescents. 

Janine Musholt, president of the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Foundation, said of the grant; "It is directed at preventing future health crises by giving families information and tools to raise their resilience."

Guaranteeing the most vulnerable members of our communities receive mental and emotional care and support has never been more imperative. With support from The Coca-Cola Foundation and others, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's life changing efforts will bring Georgia closer to dismantling the barriers to comprehensive and preventative pediatric mental health care.

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