Recently, American Beverage Association President and CEO Katherine Lugar penned an opinion editorial highlighting the importance of working together to address the flaws in America’s recycling system.  

In the piece, Lugar states:

“The beverage industry is doing their part and believes there is room to grow the circular economy for recyclable material in the U.S. However, it can only happen if all those involved in the recycling system – businesses, governments and nonprofits – reinvest in innovative ways that will lead to an increase in the recyclables that are collected and remade rather than landfilled or discarded.”

America’s leading beverage companies have fully embraced this approach through the launch of our industry-wide initiative, Every Bottle Back. The initiative is a comprehensive effort to reduce our reliance on plastic and reinvigorate our recycling system to strengthen collection of our 100% recyclable bottles.  By leveraging $400 million in key regions across the country, we are working to modernize recycling infrastructure and improve consumer awareness around what is and what is not recyclable.  Just last week, we were excited to announce the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex as the first region of these investments.

Government is also searching for solutions to address these challenges.  Recently, on Capitol Hill, the bipartisan and bicameral Congressional Plastics Solutions Task Force convened to explore ways to create a more sustainable economy. Additionally, Sens. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) introduced the RECYCLE Act, which “would authorize up to $15 million per year for grants to states, local governments, native tribes, nonprofits and public-private partnerships to ensure communities and consumers recycle better.”

As we all work towards the shared goal of reducing plastic waste and capturing more of recyclable materials, like our 100% recyclable bottles, we are excited to work with key stakeholders and local governments “to make significant infrastructure investments, modernize technology, boost collection rates and provide greater access to recycling collection at home,” as Lugar states.

For more on how we are working to get every bottle back, please click here.