I'm seeing that it wasn't just us here at Sip & Savor who got more than just a little tweaked at the opinion column in the New England Journal of Medicine suggesting a tax on beverages. Folks over at Moon Battery explain how the dominoes fall:

Again we see that government involvement in healthcare will lead inexorably to totalitarianism, as one product after another is targeted for allegedly being bad for us. After cigarettes are gone and soda follows, bureaucrats will turn to meat, alcohol, candy, pasta, et cetera, and not stop until we're reduced to subsisting on bean curd and gruel. Then they'll begin to mandate government supervised exercise regimens.

And at the Say Anything Blog they make an interesting(?) Demolition Man reference...(p.s. Sip & Savor are long-time fans of Sandra Bullock.)

You live how the government tells you to live. Again, there's no illness or crime or anything, but there's no joi de vive for lack of a better term.

A scene in the movie that sticks with me is Stallone's character discovering the underworld of dissenters who don't want to live as the social architects in the mainstream culture tell them too. He's walking through their slum and spots a burger stand. He immediately purchases a burger and a beer and tears into it.

How about that for Sunday dinner?

Anyway, these guys agree with the 70 percent of Americans (and 100 percent of us at Sip & Savor ) who oppose the government taxing soft drinks.

What do you think?