Did you know that the number 45 has a special mathematical significance?  The sum of the first nine numbers placed in increasing or decreasing order – 123456789 and 987654321 – is 45.  The difference between those two large numbers is 864197532.  Here’s the punch: when you add up the numbers in 864197532, the total is, you guessed it, 45!  This information may not be especially useful, but it’s certainly handy knowledge to remember for trivia night.

Hopefully the significance of the number 45 in our world is more useful in your daily life.  Forty-five (45) percent of all non-alcoholic beverages purchased today have zero calories.  This is important to remember as the conversation surrounding obesity continues, as is the fact that soft drinks are playing a small and declining role in the American diet.  So keep that 45 percent figure in mind – both for remembering the zero-calorie choices our industry provides, and as useful information to share with your friends.

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