Long days at work, cramming for finals at school, juggling the kids’ schedules, and making ends meet – they are among life’s daily stressors. They sap our energy, leaving our bodies more prone to catching the common cold.

The American Lung Association reports that adults are likely to catch two to four colds a year, usually between the months of September through May. And today, Time.com has an article explaining why psychological stress makes it more difficult to kick a cold.

At Sip & Savor, we may not have a cure for the common cold, but we do have some friendly advice: hit the refresh button. Don’t sweat the small stuff, celebrate the small stuff.  Enjoy eating lunch outside. Grab your favorite bottled water or tea and take a leisurely walk. Treat yourself.

You can visit DeliveringChoices.org to see the many refreshing beverages available. The work will be there for you tomorrow, and finals come and go. So take time to enjoy the day. It’s good for your health.