Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Green Monday ... If you're paying attention to the news, or perhaps the catalogs appearing in your mail box or the special offers arriving in your e-mail, the holiday retail season is clearly underway. So far, retailers are reporting sales are up - a good thing that will help spur the economy.

But it's hard to believe the Christmas holiday is little more than a week away. If you've still got shopping to do, there are plenty of tips online to help you develop your strategy - and to help you avoid overspending.

Whether you're ready for the upcoming holiday, or haven't even started to prepare, we hope you find time to relax and enjoy all the season has to offer.  And remember, there are many ways to incorporate your favorite non-alcoholic beverages into this time as well - from reflecting on fun memories of the beverages you and your family shared as children, to making holiday ornaments out of recycled beverage containers, to basting your holiday ham with cola.

Whatever you do, have a safe and happy holiday!