Our industry is built on the ingenuity of some of this nation's best entrepreneurs and innovators. Our companies follow the credo: "If you're not standing on the cutting-edge, you're taking up too much space."

The innovation doesn't just come in the development of great-tasting beverages, though. It comes in the form of our groundbreaking manufacturing technology, our efficient product delivery processes and our creative packaging.

All of this contributes to our industry being true innovators when it comes to leading-edge environmental practices.

The beverage industry's environmental efforts put real meaning into the term "going green" and creating the "green jobs of tomorrow." Our companies deliver through their actions, not words. The industry's leadership and innovation was recognized in an article in Entrepreneur magazine this week.

It all begins with our packaging: our products come in 100 percent recyclable containers. Think about it. How many industries can say their products are fully recyclable? Maybe a handful?

And when you properly recycle that container – whether it's aluminum or plastic or glass – it is made into a new product. It might be a new container or other new consumer products. Plastic bottles, for example, are made into carpeting, winter jackets and chairs.

This saves energy and the environment, as less oil and other resources are used to make these new products and fewer containers go into landfills. Sure, it's also good for the bottom line. So remember to bring that container Full Circle by recycling it after enjoying the beverage.

Our industry will remain on the cutting-edge of green technology. It's part of the culture of our companies. And by doing so, we make the word "green" something meaningful for our planet, rather than just a cliché in these environmentally conscious times.