It's Tax Day in the U.S.

Some of you may be bleary-eyed after pulling your first all-nighter since college trying to get your taxes in under the wire. Sip & Savor did their taxes early - and already spent the refund (a trip to Spring Training in Florida, thank you very much.) But April 15 is an annual reminder of just how much money we send to Washington.

And some folks are fed up with it. Yep - they're Mad As Hell.

Today, thousands of people are set to take to the streets in tea parties in about 500 cities across the country to show legislators that they're Mad As Hell. They're mad about what they say is over-taxation in Washington and an over-willingness to bailout failed businesses by the Treasury Department. This movement started with CNBC's Rick Santelli's "rant" on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and takes its cue from the Boston Tea Party (1773) which has become a symbolic event in American history.

Already this year, the beverage industry has had its share of tax fights across the country, and we have seen an outraged public get engaged in the fight. Like these folks in Binghamton who protested New York Gov. Paterson's 18 percent tax on dozens of beverages including regular soft drinks, juice drinks and teas.

Eventually, Gov. Paterson pulled his tax off the table. We have to wonder what change, if anything, today's tea parties will bring.