For college basketball fans, nothing compares to the excitement of March Madness. Millions tune in each year to cheer on their team and see what team takes home the National Championship. Perhaps the hardest outcome to predict is what team will emerge as this year’s “Cinderella Story.”

With Selection Sunday just days away, we are throwing it back to some of the greatest March Madness “Cinderella Stories” of all time.

The lowest seed to ever claim the NCAA National Championship was the 1985 Villanova Wildcats. The team entered the tournament as an eighth seed and defeated the Georgetown Hoyas in a championship game that is considered not only one of the greatest upsets of March Madness, but one of the greatest in sports history. Two teams have started the tournament as the number 11 seed and gone on to reach the Final Four. The most recent was in 2011 when the Virginia Commonwealth University team, who had to play a sudden death game to even make the 64 team cut. Though they came up short in their Final Four match up, they beat many top contenders along the way. In 2010, The Butler Bulldogs entered March Madness as a fifth seed. Few would have picked the small school from Indiana as a contender in the highly competitive tournament. Nevertheless, the Bulldogs made it all the way to the National Championship game before losing in the final seconds. The 1983 National Championship game came down to the University of Houston and sixth seed North Carolina State. The game went down in history for both awarding the MVP trophy to a member of the losing team and for a last second buzzer beating dunk that won North Carolina State the championship.

Think you can predict this year’s “Cinderella” team? Tune into Selection Sunday this weekend and start filling out your bracket with your unlikely winner; you never know what can happen during March Madness!