As we mentioned yesterday, state and local governments across the country are scrambling to trim and tighten budgets in order to boost their bottom lines.

Colorado gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis highlighted the problem with the tax while at a Pepsi Bottling Company plant this past weekend in Denver. McInnis noted that a tax like this would negatively impact families and jobs in Colorado. In addition to impacting the consumers, the tax will also hurt the suppliers, retailers and vendors.

It's not fair to put the burden of government's reckless overspending on the backs of hard-working families. This tax is discriminatory in nature and would arrest development and growth in an economy in need of both. And, the disadvantages of taxing soft drinks and other beverages are amplified during an economic downturn.

We at Sip & Savor hope Mr. McInnis' call on government will reverberate beyond Colorado as other states and municipalities attempt to tackle budget issues.