America's beverage companies agree that it's important for families to moderate sugar consumption to ensure a balanced, healthy lifestyle. We have always believed in putting fact-based information about our beverages in the hands of parents because they know what's best for their family.

Beverage companies have been taking several steps to help parents moderate the sugar in their families' diet. We implemented national School Beverage Guidelines almost a decade ago to remove full-calorie beverages from schools. This voluntary move reduced beverage calories in schools by 90% We are supporters of the Drink Up initiative to get people to drink more water. We placed prominent calorie counts on the front of all our bottles and cans so people can easily see them, and we are putting calorie reminders on 3 million fountains, vending machines and coolers nationwide.

Additionally, we have introduced more options with zero sugar or less sugar than ever before and we are expanding our offering of smaller portion sizes like mini-cans. Because of these efforts, more than 50% of beverages purchased today are zero sugar.

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