Well, it’s Friday the 13th – that day when some people may be a little more sensitive to the events going on around them, and some fear for the worst.  We came across an interesting piece on MyFox Boston’s website that lays out 13 facts about Friday the 13th, and thought you might be interested in checking it out today.

The column defines triskaidekaphobia, shares some history about this notorious date, gives some context to how people in other countries feel about it and offers a few ways to skirt bad happenings.

(Spoiler alert! The article recommends that you touch wood, cross your fingers, avoid black cats, don't look at the full moon through a pane of glass and throw salt over each shoulder.)

We think there might be easier solutions to avoiding bad luck today, especially if there’s no salt close by, like keeping yourself hydrated – and following us on Facebook and Twitter.  Okay, maybe not the latter, but we still hope you check in with us!

Whatever you superstition may or may not be on this day, we hope it turns out to be a great afternoon and evening for you!