Whether it is music, clothing, restaurants, sports teams or food – everyone has their own individual taste. And when it comes to the beverages that our companies produce, it’s no different. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of drinks from which to choose. Here at Sip & Savor, we love the diversity of product sizes and flavors that are available in the market. And we're thinking you might, or already do, too.

Our companies continue to introduce new, innovative products. In fact, since 1998, there has been a 21 percent reduction in calories in beverages in the marketplace (according to Beverage Marketing Corporation data), as our companies produce more zero-calorie, low-calorie and reduced-portion products to meet consumer demand. And data presented by ABA's Dr. Maureen Storey at Experimental Biology in 2009 confirms that consumers are taking advantage of these choices.

What’s also interesting is that our companies' innovation is not limited to flavors and types of drinks; they are industry leaders with their 100 percent recyclable packaging, too. With a range from single serving sizes - like the 7.5 ounce mini can - to multiple serving containers, there is a container size and drink type for every occasion.

With so many choices available - 100 percent juice, sports drinks, soft drinks, bottled waters, energy drinks - there truly is a something for everyone.