It's a time-honored summer tradition: neighborhood kids operating a lemonade stand to raise money for a project, a charity or just a little spending money for the ice cream truck. For years we've seen hard-to-fathom but true stories about local jurisdictions shutting down these lemonade stands and levying fines because the children failed to obtain the proper permits. And while most people think this is a joke, it's really happening in communities across the country.

Over Memorial Day weekend, a Colorado man called the cops on a lemonade stand run by his neighbors - children ages six and eight. Fortunately, Country Time Lemonade has come to the defense of otherwise defenseless children through a legal aid fund, which they have dubbed "Legal-Ade," that will pay those fines for them.

Here at Sip & Savor, we tip our glass to Country Time for injecting some common sense and compassion into ridiculous government overreach, and applaud their doing so with humor, reminding us that their brand like summer is meant to be enjoyed. Learn more about the company's efforts to help kids here: