Our member companies have a longstanding commitment to further minimizing their environmental impact.  Every day, they’re hard at work on solutions to environmental challenges.  And, here at Sip & Savor, we thought we would recognize an example of an initiative led by the beverage industry in Hartford, Connecticut.

Working with elected officials in Hartford, our member companies helped drive the implementation of a citywide, single-stream recycling program – “Go Green Use Blue” – where people are encouraged to recycle by using their blue recycling bins.  Research compiled by the Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority shows that this initiative has seen six consecutive years of increased recycling.  The most recent available data for 2012 showed that nearly 92,000 tons of materials were recycled, doubling recycling rates and saving more than $6 million in trash fees.

Through efforts like “Go Green Use Blue,” we’re making it easier for everyone to do their part.  For more information on this and other industry-wide initiatives, check out our Earth Day news release.