What are some of the special ways you give back during the holidays? In Wilmington, Del., a group of seniors have been raising money for The Salvation Army by selling handbags made from recycled soda tabs.

According to APVI-TV, it takes one of the volunteers about 1,500 soda tabs and 50 hours to make a bag that costs $60 to purchase. The profits from the bags go toward Salvation Army programs such as providing seniors with meals and organizing group activities.

We at Sip & Savor applaud these women’s dedication to their community and creativity. We produce bottles and cans that are 100 percent recyclable, but as the ladies of Wilmington have shown, our packaging doesn’t have to be placed into a recycling bin to be reused.

For more information on how to purchase a bag, please contact the Wilmington Salvation Army. And to find out more on our industry’s environmental leadership, visit InnovationNaturally.org.