Hopefully by now, you've started stocking up on the goodies for this weekend's big Super Bowl extravaganza. Naturally, any Super Bowl party must include our industry's bevy of beverages, whether soft drinks, bottled and flavored waters, juices, sports drinks, teas and energy drinks (all of which come in regular or low-calorie varieties).

And we make cleaning up after the party easy, too. Just get that recycle bin ready.

You may not realize that all our products come in 100 percent recyclable containers - whether aluminum cans, plastic bottles (PET) or glass bottles. We're one of the few industries whose products are fully recyclable; something we're very proud of.

And when our containers are recycled, they can be made into new containers or other consumer products such as carpeting, winter jackets, tables and chairs. So after enjoying your favorite beverage, think inside the bin and recycle the container. You'll help bring that material full circle - keeping it out of landfills and saving energy.

This weekend, celebrate a great American tradition with the Super Bowl and a fun party. And help reinvigorate another tradition by recycling and protecting our environment.