We hope everyone had a very special Memorial Day weekend, and that you remembered our troops in your celebration.  Making the weekend even more special for fans of the Philadelphia Phillies, pitcher Roy Halladay pitched a perfect game against the Florida Marlins Saturday night, bringing the team a much needed win.

Halladay is a recent acquisition for the Phillies, and a perfect game is an exceptional feat for a pitcher.  It requires retiring all 27 batters from the opposing team in order.   "It's never something that you think is possible," Halladay said following the game.  Halladay's amazing showing is just the 20th in Major League Baseball history, and only the second earned by a Phillies pitcher.  In fact, the last perfect game pitched by a Phillies pitcher was on Father's Day back in 1964 by Jim Bunning.  And the most recent perfect game came on May 9  - Mother’s Day - by Dallas Braden of the Oakland Athletics.

No matter who your favorite baseball team is, it's great to see records of skill being broken and players taking the level of competition to new heights.  And whether you're a professional athlete, simply watching the game from the stands, or playing in your own backyard, remember to stay hydrated.  With summer comes heat, and you can't win if you can't stay in the game.