The sun is out, the weather is warm and the days seem to last forever, which means it must be Memorial Day weekend! During this long weekend, families and friends will be enjoying their favorite beverages together at barbeques, the beach or even in their own backyards.

As the non-alcoholic beverage industry, we make a bevy of beverages to meet every taste, need and mood. Whether it's iced tea, waters with or without bubbles or flavor, bottled coffee, zero or less sugar colas or fruit juice, there is a beverage for everyone! If you want to treat yourself to a full-calorie beverage, the "mini-cans" deliver the same delicious flavor you love in a smaller portion size.

As you're having fun this weekend, don't forget the meaning of the holiday: to remember those who gave their lives, put their lives on the line and sacrificed themselves for our freedoms. This includes the freedom to enjoy a great weekend with our families and friends in safety and comfort.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day!