It’s a new year, a new decade and no doubt there'll be a wealth of new issues to discuss, and perhaps debate, here at Sip & Savor.

Certainly, there will be issues from 2009 that will linger, but hopefully we can take a fresh look at them or move the discussion forward.

Our companies continue to be the most innovative in the food industry - and we expect some exciting new products and changes from them this year.

Our companies are still committed to doing their part to address tough societal challenges. We're wrapping up a three-year effort to remove all full-calorie soft drinks from schools and replace them with low-calorie, smaller-portion products. But we're not resting on our groundbreaking School Beverage Guidelines. This industry already is hard at work on more policy innovations designed to meet the concerns of our customers and contribute meaningful solutions in the public policy arena.

Our iconic companies and their brands are part of Americana. We'll continue to share interesting history, facts and insight into the beverage industry. From the Super Bowl ads to some cool museums to hit, we'll tap into the fun side of our world.

We know there will still be the critics, too. But, as we always do, we'll counter the critics with the facts - and the rest of the story they never seem to want to tell.

So keep checking us out. Start your day with some interesting ideas or fun facts to sip and savor.

Please feel free to comment. We'll publish them: good, bad or indifferent. Our only rule is to play nice - no personal attacks or profanity.