America’s leading beverage companies provide great-paying jobs with strong benefits and continuous opportunities to grow and advance in the workplace.  We are proud to employ more than 264,000 American workers with a direct economic impact of $189.3 billion – and, are always seeking new, innovative ways to support our workers and spur job growth.  It’s why we are advocating for the passage of a critical piece of legislation, the DRIVE-Safe Act, which will create more than 50,000 new jobs.


Currently, our nation faces a commercial driver shortage.  This shortage directly impacts our industry as distribution jobs are the means to which we deliver our diverse range of products to America’s hometowns.  To address this shortage and allow for the creation of more jobs, legislators on Capitol Hill introduced the DRIVE-Safe Act which will allow individuals under 21 years-of-age to gain the training and certification necessary to become a commercial truck driver. 


This legislation will fill the nationwide shortage of drivers, allow for fairer prices for everyday products in the grocery aisle – and, most importantly, provide opportunities for workers, many of whom do not have plans to go to college, to join our industry and obtain good paying jobs with great benefits.  A win-win for American workers, communities and our economy.


The DRIVE-Safe Act is just one of many examples of how our industry leans into innovative workforce development solutions.  America’s beverage companies are proud to offer a diverse range of opportunities for workers to gain new skills and advance their careers through apprenticeship training, associate degree programs, industry certifications and more.  We are committed to America’s workforce because we know that when our communities are stronger, so is our nation.


Interested in lending your support for the DRIVE-Safe Act?  Get in touch with your U.S. Senators or Representative and tell them you support the passage of this workforce bill.