America's non-alcoholic beverage industry has always prioritized product quality and innovative technology. Let's rewind to 1923, when the American Beverage Association was named the American Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages (ABCB). The ABCB launched a research fellowship program at Iowa State University, allowing for cutting-edge research in product quality and production technologies.

"That the establishment of this fellowship was a step in advance for our industry is unquestionable. It was has been the subject of congratulatory and commendatory comment by experts on food production," according to an ABCB Monthly Bulletin from January 1924.

The general plan for Iowa State researchers was to study spoilage programs, improve quality and create uniformity in product. Within a two-year period, researchers were hard at work finding solutions to 15 different industry issues. Researchers were able to develop standardized solutions for bottle-cleaning, product quality and spoilage issues. In fact, they were able to develop bottling plant technology that is still in use today.

The Iowa State researchers paved the way for the range of products you can find in the beverage aisle today. From 1924 to 2019, America's leading beverage companies will always be pursuing innovative solutions to keep our industry moving forward.