America's leading beverage companies all want the same thing - a strong and healthy America. That's why we're tapping into our strengths in product innovation and marketing to encourage families to moderate sugar consumption and ensure a balanced, healthy lifestyle for all.

We're developing more choices with no- and lower-calorie beverages. In 2018 alone, more than 2/3 of all new beverage brands introduced were either no-, low- or mid-calorie options.

We're offering smaller packaging, like mini-cans, of numerous longtime brands. We're placing prominent calorie counts on the front of all of our bottles and cans so that people can easily see them, and we're putting calorie reminders on 3 million fountains, vending machines and coolers nationwide.

Because of these efforts, 50% of beverages purchased today are zero sugar and more than half are low- and no-calorie options.

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