This week, in partnership with Georgia Beverage Association, The Recycling Partnership and the County of Gwinnett, Georgia, America’s beverage companies announced the latest Every Bottle Back community recycling project in Gwinnett County, Georgia.  

The county has been awarded $100,000 to encourage residents of unincorporated Gwinnett County to request free curbside carts and fund a recycling awareness campaign to increase recycling rates.  To date, approximately 52,600 households have requested their free recycling cart from the county, leaving more than 145,000 households without recycling carts. 

“Georgia’s beverage companies are excited to partner with Gwinnett County and The Recycling Partnership to make recycling more accessible for county residents,” said Kevin Perry, president and chief executive officer of the Georgia Beverage Association.  “This investment will improve our state’s recycling efforts and ensure our 100% recyclable beverage bottles are collected and remade as new bottles, meaning less plastic in the environment.” 

This latest regional investment builds on the beverage industry’s work to boost the collection of its valuable bottles.

“Our investment is expected to yield more than 1.3 million new pounds of recycled PET over 10 years helping our industry achieve its goal of reducing our plastic footprint,” said Katherine Lugar, president and chief executive officer of American Beverage.

The Gwinnett County announcement is the eighth of thirteen projects with committed funding under Every Bottle Back.  

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