In 2020, more than 38 million people were living in food-insecure households where families do not have access to enough nutritious meals, according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). In response, charitable organizations around the country are helping these families in need.

The Georgia Mountain Food Bank in Gainesville is one such organization that is working to address hunger, health and improve quality of life for Georgians. The food bank works with food suppliers and community-based partners to help deliver food to families and individuals. Since 2008, Georgia Mountain Food Bank has helped distribute roughly 55 million pounds of food within a five-county service area in North Georgia.

Georgia Mountain Food Bank’s mission is made possible through food donations and financial support from local community partners. Keurig Dr Pepper was among those who joined the food bank’s “Feeding Hope Together” initiative, donating more than 17,000 pounds of products for families in need.

“We couldn’t do what we do without our amazing volunteers,” said Kay Blackstock, founder and executive director of the Georgia Mountain Food Bank. “We also rely on financial donations from individuals, businesses and corporations to accomplish our work. …Hunger happens every day, so we rely on the community to support our mission all year long.”

With support from the community, Georgia Mountain Food Bank has had a meaningful impact on the lives of North Georgia families. In fiscal year 2021, the food bank estimated that 4,000 households per week received food assistance. Hunger and food insecurity impact one in every eight Georgians. Georgia Mountain Food Bank and its network of community partners remain a crucial resource for families in need.

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