It would be hard to find an industry that does more to respond to consumer demand for facts about its products than the beverage industry.

Leading beverage companies like The Coca-Cola Company, Dr Pepper Snapple Group and PepsiCo have been serving and listening to Americans for well over a century in some cases. These companies, whose signature drinks were delivered in horse-drawn wagons in the 19th century, owe their success to listening to their consumers over the years.

One of the things beverage companies have responded to is the desire from consumers for clear, fact-based information so they can make the right decisions for their lifestyle.

In 2010, America’s leading beverage companies launched the Clear on Calories initiative, which prominently displays calorie information on the front of every bottle, can and pack we sell. The initiative was done to support First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” anti-obesity Campaign, and it empowers consumers by giving them the calorie information they need to make an informed choice about what to drink.

Then there’s our Calories Count Beverage Vending Program, which we launched in 2013 to bring the same clear-calorie information to vending machines nationwide. “Check Then Choose” messages on vending machines encourage people to check the clear calorie information displayed for every choice on the front of the machine, and urge them also to “Choose A Low-Calorie Beverage” before making the decision that is best for them.

People should know up front how many calories their foods and drinks contain; our industry is ahead of the pack in finding ways to make sure that happens and benefits all consumers.

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