The sun is out. The grass is mowed. There's a cool breeze carrying the smell of freshly grilled hot dogs through the air, and there are smiles everywhere.

It's the only thing better than's the start of another baseball season.

Yesterday (Sunday night for the purists) was Opening Day in America. A time when hope springs eternal. When the old is washed away with the promise of bright summer ahead. And no matter who your favorite team is, we're all tied for first - if only for a moment.

And today we can say things that we may never be able to say again. Like this: The Pittsburgh Pirates have the best record in major league baseball and the New York Yankees have the worst.

Even Vice President Biden took time off to drive up to Baltimore to joke around with Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer and watch the Orioles start their season. (President Obama is scheduled to throw out the first pitch for the Washington Nationals when they come home on April 13.)

Last year more than 78 million fans went to a major league baseball game and tens of millions more cheered on their local minor league team. We at Sip & Savor want to remind everyone going to a ballgame this summer to Think Inside the Bin and recycle their empty soft drink or water container.

Imagine the possibilities if everyone recycled their containers at baseball games.

Our companies are proud to use containers that are 100 percent recyclable and we're pleased to see so many baseball parks getting into the action by providing fans an easy way to recycle. Take a look at the new recycling bins here at Nationals Park.

Beverage companies use recycled material in their new containers, this saves energy and protects our planet. And they don’t stop there. Our companies are using more hybrid vehicles in their fleets, constructing LEED-certified buildings, and supporting community-based recycling efforts all over the country.

So no matter if you're a fan of the Elmira Pioneers or the Chicago Cubs or any other baseball team - join us and recycle...then everybody wins.