We here at Sip & Savor know – and we’ve shared with our readers – that Americans simply don’t support discriminatory taxes on their foods and beverages.  That’s why we’re disappointed to share the news that Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie has laid out a plan that would break his campaign promise to not raise taxes on Hawaiian citizens.

"We intend to make maximum use of the public dollars," candidate Abercrombie told voters back in October.  “We will not be raising any taxes. What we will be doing is utilizing state government in a way that brings the hope and change that people want.” You can read a press release here.

Fast forward to Monday’s “State of the State” speech.  Abercrombie has included in his proposal several new tax increases, including a new tax on beverages. And his public relations team is spinning to clarify how he was able to justify going back on his word.

The people of Hawaii are already working hard to make ends meet in this difficult economy.  And while the Aloha State is a great place to live, its residents already pay huge amounts in taxes.  Adding to the tax burden now is a bad idea.  Residents of Hawaii can voice their opposition, and tell Abercrombie to keep his promise, by logging on and sign the “No Beverage Tax” petition at www.nohawaiibeveragetax.com.