America’s non-alcoholic beverage industry has a long history rooted in communities large and small. Polar Beverages, one of our members, is a wonderful example of the history and impact our industry has had on America.

In a recent article, The Boston Globe tells Polar Beverages’ story, which starts in 1882 in Worchester, Mass. – “After ditching the whiskey business during Prohibition, the Crowleys bet on bubbles, creating a concoction for their Orange Dry in 1933 that remains a company stalwart.” Over 134-years later, they have dozens of flavors and lots of fizz.

The beverage industry plays an important role in the American economy, providing well-paying jobs and making generous charitable contributions in communities across the country. Polar Beverages is no exception. They employ 1,700 people at their plants and have certainly made a lasting impact on their community.

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