New Mexico’s beautiful capital city, Santa Fe, is home to a diverse culture of people from many backgrounds, drawing tourists, artists, retirees and others from all over the country to enjoy her rich landscapes and unique Pueblo architecture.  It also boasts families that have called it home for generations who are proud of its beauty and history.  Yesterday, these hard-working Santa Fe residents cast a resounding “no” vote at the ballot box as they rejected a discriminatory beverage tax that would have added a staggering two cent per ounce tax on beverages like juice drinks, teas, sports drinks and  soft drinks.

Santa Fe residents and local business owners saw through the tactics of outside political forces who cloaked an expensive beverage tax as an education initiative even as the city could have used other resources to fund its priorities rather than institute a new tax on working families. Governor Susanna Martinez referred to the tax as part of an “out of touch agenda” and said New Mexicans do not have the appetite for higher taxes.   

Here at Sip and Savor, we agree.  As an industry that provides more choices than ever before through innovation, including smaller portions and options with less sugar, we’ve seen firsthand the damage these taxes can do in cities like Philadelphia where working-class Americans and small businesspeople are struggling to make ends meet.  These taxes cost jobs and target people trying to get ahead.  It’s not smart policy.  Yesterday, the voters clearly told city bosses:  “There is a better way for Santa Fe.”